Avanti Fall 2017

Dear Avanti Talent and Parents,

I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did. It was just an all around great day! Please remember to follow the instructions on the handout that I gave each of you on the morning of the showcase. Bridget and myself will be calling you Wednesday Nov 29th between 2 and 9 pm. You will receive a text first telling you we are ready to answer questions and take your photo order, so if you are ready when you get the text call us right back. I do not want to call you while you're working or your child during school. Please pay close attention to the deadlines that the agents have listed on your callback information. I am always available at 919-522-5148. I look forward to speaking with each of you this week. Also, if you could please share any photos you may have taken the day of the show via text to me I would really appreciate it!
Jennifer Durazzo

Fall 2017 Showcase DVD
You may order a DVD of the Fall 2017 Showcase by emailing Steve Creel at: stevecreelvideo@gmail.com

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