Avanti Fall 2018

Dear Avanti Talent and Parents,

Congratulations on an amazing show! The entire day was a huge success. Please make sure you follow the directions listed here in this letter. Remember to have your questions and photo orders ready for myself and Bridget's phone call on Wednesday. Our calls may run into Thursday if we get too backed up. There are photo order forms available in a pdf file at the bottom of this page.

We have posted the agent’s callbacks along with their instructions. Please read the instructions and follow them exactly as they are requesting. Please notice some of them have date deadlines. Please remember you need to follow up on these immediately. Bridget and I will be sending a text on 12-5 Wednesday after 4pm telling you when we are ready to receive your call with your photo order and answer any questions you may have about callbacks. Jennifer is the only person you should be speaking to about agents.

If you are to shoot digital snap shots, Gray will be shooting those at JC on December 8th and 15th at 12:00pm. You will need to text Gray at 919-522-4860 to make a reservation to shoot and get his cost. Be sure to let him know which date you would like. You will need to have a solid color 2-piece bathing suit if you are 14 and above, you will also need fitted black jeans and a fitted black tank top (V-neck fitted T-Shirt for males) If you are a preteen 13 and under then you will only do the jeans outfit. No makeup on in pics just mascara and clear lip gloss. If you are required to record an acting piece and submit a video you will need to contact Steve by email at stevecreelvideo@gmail.com to make a reservation to shoot with him and get his cost to film you.

Once you have contacted all the agents and you have met with them all. You will then contact Jennifer at 919-522-5148 to let her know who you are signing with. Please do not call her to ask if a particular agent is a good agent. Remember, they would not be at our event if they were not good. Keep in mind if you received a callback from a casting director, they will contact your agent to book you for any projects. Casting directors do not sign contracts. You can only sign with one agent unless it is negotiated otherwise. So please contact all of your callbacks before making your decision. Once you make your decision and you contact Jennifer you will need to send an email to Jennifer at jenjcraleigh@aol.com stating who you have signed with and the date. We also ask that you include in that email how you felt about your experience going through Avanti. We will post your experience and your photo on our talent page for any clients to book you for projects. It was my honor to work with you all and I look forward to hearing about all of your success. Please remember to keep us posted and stay in workshops at JC!


Fall 2018 Showcase DVD
You may order a DVD of the Fall 2018 Showcase by emailing Steve Creel at: stevecreelvideo@gmail.com

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