Fall 2016 Showcase

Dear Avanti Talent and Parents,

I am just starting to recover from that show as I'm sure you all are as well. What A DAY!!!! We definitely overcame some SERIOUS obstacles and had an absolutely stunning show. I'm so proud of all of the talent and I hope you all left there with a major sense of accomplishment. Please read the following instructions carefully and I will be speaking with you all very soon. Congratulations on a job well done.....

1) Click on the tab for agent’s callbacks...click on each agent’s name and see if you are on their list. If you are on the list, please scroll down and write down the directions that each agent wants you to follow. Once you have done this with each agent I would recommend getting a calendar and writing down all of the information on the calendar to keep organized.

2) Get your proof sheets out and print off Gray's photo specials that are posted at the bottom of this page. You may use either of these forms to order photos from your Avanti photo shoot. You will need these for your callbacks and to add to your portfolio. Bridget or I will be calling you on Wednesday November 2nd  between 2-9pm. Please be ready with your order and ANY questions that you have about callbacks. Please remember Jennifer is the ONLY person you speak to about agent callbacks, so If you are speaking to Bridget about your photo order please ask to speak to Jennifer with questions.

3) If you have callbacks you will need to have pictures ordered to be ready to meet with the agent as well as emailing them their requests.

4) Once you get your order in the mail from Gray with your photos and your cd of the images you can start emailing the agents. AGAIN you CANNOT email the agents until you have your cd of the pictures from the show. Please make sure that when you are emailing that you put in the subject line Avanti callback and that you include a BRIEF recap in the body of the email such as; (Hi my name is ________and I met you at the Avanti showcase. I received a call back from you, and I'm excited to meet with you. My contact numbers are ____________. Thank you for your time.) This needs to be in the body of the email.

5) Once you email all of the agents you will set up appointments to meet with them or they may do a phone meeting. You need to meet with all of the agents before you make your final decision. Please understand this decision is a personal decision. EVERY agent that attends this show is a great agent!! Once you decide what agent you want to sign with you will need to call me and let me know. Then you need to email me 2 letters, the first letter states who you are signing with and as of what date (this cancels your contract with us so we cannot take a percentage of your income off of bookings) and the 2nd letter is a letter from the parent or the talent expressing your feelings on your experience with Avanti. Please do not forget to do this step.

I know this is a lot of information to go over so please take really good notes so you don’t miss anything. Remember I am available for any questions along the way at 919-522-5148. If you leave me a message and I don’t get back with you that day, please call me again.

If you did not get any callbacks we will need to talk and I will get some feedback from the agents and see what areas you need to work on. Once we get that feedback you will want to get back into some JC workshops to work on the areas that you need help with.

Jennifer Durazzo

Fall 2016 Showcase DVD
You may order a DVD of the Fall 2016 Showcase by emailing Steve Creel at: stevecreelvideo@gmail.com

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