Talent One Raleigh

Chase Galyean
Tyannah Williams
Genesis Mitchell
Pierre Pearson
Cameron Woody
Stephanie Wang
Kenneth Peebles
Nathan Ray
Jaelynn Allgood
Aaliyah Baldwin
Christopher McGill
Sharonda Mitchell
Shayna Adsitt
Delanise Almonte
Sierra Foley
Kelsey Drake
Jara Jackson
Kourtney Nunnery
Meredith Guy
Kelsey Roberts
Diadiera Castro
Anna Griffin
See Again
Ami Patel
Tia Greene
Ashley McCoy
Aliyana Jamison
Mya Fuller
Lizeth Ortiz-Flores
Alexandria Thorne
Lauren Bacchus
Megan Cato
Nancee Yekeson
Avery Hobbs
Aaliyah Miles-Stephen's
Jessica Parnell
Malkiel McKenzie
Rachel Plageman
Karen Montieth
Debracca King
Deeshiara Boone
Anna Androsova
Catherine Askew
Larissa Herrera
Shadreaya McKinley
Aaliyah Peebles
Niquilla Vinson
Destiny Marchuck
Christy Jones
Jada Cowan
Armeda Liburd
Latifa Thomas
Emily Bullard
Donya Campbell
Ashanti McKinley
Brooke Burke
Jahniya Dickens
Amelia Buckingham
Kaitlyn Tyson
Kelley McGrew
Johanna Ramirez Perez
K'miya McLaughlin
Samantha Marles
Callback Information:

Talent needs to call 919-872-4828 before June 10th (NO EXCEPTIONS) to set up an in person meeting. Office is open M-F 11am to 2pm. Bring all pictures, resume, and dress in all black to meeting. You must attend meeting with a parent if under 18.

If you are listed as (See Again) you must attend a minimum of 3 preferably 5 acting workshops at JC to gain more strength in your presentation then call to book an appointment at the Talent One office.

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